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This bot sends you the current Beta of Telegram Android as APK-File. This bot only supports Android OS. I and this bot are in no way affiliated with Telegram itself! Please provide feeback to @zlyfer or Github Issues (see About section for link). Source of the APK-File is HockeyApp: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/f972660267c948d2b5d04761f1c1a8f3
አሪፍ ውርርድ [Arif Betting] የእግር ኳስ ውደድሮች ላይ በሚፈልጉት ክለብ ላይ የፈለጉትን ያክል ብር በመመደብ ክለቡ አሸናፊ ከሆነ እርሶም አሸናፊ ሚሆኑበት ጨዋታ ነው። ትንሽ በመመደብ ብዙ ያሸንፉ!!! Bet Less Win More!!!
Hello! 😀 With @best_sport_bot you are able to receive live scores of your favorite football teams in real time. ⚽️ Never miss a goal again. ✅ @best_sport_bot ❗️ You can block or stop chatting with bot any time❗
The English language telegram handle of the KHL with all the latest news and league updates
Get live Football scores of your favourite players, teams or even leagues.
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Gets goal highlights from Reddit.
Welcome To ZulubetsBot. Use /start or /stop for your navigation
Bet on Bundesliga matches. Invite me to a group to challenge your friends. You may also want to add a subscription to get the latest goal updates of favorite team in live matches.
HI! I’m GooalBot. I give you real-time scoring updates and the most comprehensive live stats from across all major leagues and competitions you’ve picked. Get push notifications for specific periods of a game, pre- and post-game notifications, lead and score changes. Pick Sport and the Team /online - get a list of games are on right now or coming within an hour. /list shows all teams you follow and has “stop following” option for each one. Click /start and enjoy!
Search for the latest matches and bet on the bwin.com betting offer. You can link your current bwin account, no additional registration required.
Feel free to contact author in any questions. Author: @ahtutejlo
Info and stats of the best Europen football leagues
Awesome new quiz with your favourite sport!
@Danistodaniels is the admin of all Soccer Prophets. This bot helps you understand more about VVIP SOCCER PROPHET⚽️⚽️⚽️.
🔺Event-сеть нового формата Поиск и создание мероприятий по увлечениям в любой точке Планеты 🌍
Сливы стратегий и ботов для анализа спортивных событий. 👤Админ: @TheDip
Самая необходимая информация для ставок на спорт в удобном формате. По остальным вопросам http://vk.com/bobbot
«Зени́т» — российский футбольный клуб из Санкт-Петербурга
📚Секреты бодибилдинга и спортивное питание из США 📲ADMIN: +998901886644 📝TELEGRAM: @oybek188 📢КАНАЛ: @BodyBuildingUz